Best Front Door Security Cameras (Reviews) - 2020 Buying Guide

See who approaches your door with our wired and wireless door CCTV camera and monitor reviews.

More often than not, an intruder will break into your home through the front door, unless they know your home very well. This is not only statistically proven but also logical. Your front door is the most vulnerable part of your home, bound to attract all sorts of visitors, both wanted and unwanted.

An intruder could be a burglar, an animal or a nosy neighbor. Other times, unfortunate events could happen while you're away and solving the mystery is never easy. It's during these times you wish you could go back in time and witness everything. You may not have the power to teleport back in time but a front door security camera can give you all the answers you need. But what kind of camera do you need? Are security cameras even worth it? In this article, we give you the answers to these and more questions;

Benefits of using front door security cameras

The most obvious benefit is that such a camera will improve your security immensely. The mere sight of a CCTV camera can scare away burglars or people with ill intentions.

A security camera at your front door will act as an extra pair of eyes, monitoring your home's entrance, even when you're away on vacation or at work. You can easily tell if someone visited your home while you were away or if your special package has been delivered, meaning you will never go back home to unpleasant surprises.

Such a camera can be a crucial asset in case a crime is committed inside or outside your home. Security cameras are known to save the day during investigations by solving complex mysteries.

What to look for when buying front door security cameras

The numerous brands and types of security cameras can be confusing if you don't know what you're looking for. Whether a camera will work for you or not depends highly on the following features;


This is one of the most important features which determine the quality of a camera's footage. Ordinarily, security cameras do not possess the highest resolution because the footage they produce is purely functional, not aesthetic. However, modern cameras have improved resolution and some produce footage in HD quality. High-resolution cameras will be helpful if you want to identify guests walking into your front do. However, if you're simply looking for a camera to alert you when there's an activity, you can go for low-resolution cameras.


If we are, to be honest, the functionality of a camera is limited if you're living in a highly insecure location, with highly skilled criminals. Cases of cameras being compromised have become very common. People have mastered creative ways of avoiding the intimidating glares of security cameras while others can skillfully destroy them and break into your home. This is why you need to consider installing discreet security cameras. There are several ways to achieve discreetness. A door spy hole camera, for instance, is naturally discreet as it can be positioned on the peephole to avoid easy detection by strangers. You could also consider using discreet camera housing to conceal your camera. A camera housing is often sold separately and there are several options. Some come in the form of light bulbs which can be placed on the corridor, next to your front door.

Day/Night features

Just as it is difficult for you to see things at night, cameras too find it difficult to record footage when darkness sets in. But this doesn't mean your extra pair of eyes should retire when you go to sleep. When buying a front door security camera, ensure it can still work at night. Some cameras come with an extra pair of lights which flood a limited radius with bright light whenever the camera senses motion. Other cameras will simply record footage but it will not be as clear as it is during the day. Note that high-resolution cameras may not perform very well in darkness. However, a door CCTV camera is likely to perform well during the day and at night even though the footage will not be in HD quality.


When it comes to flexibility, you will be choosing between two types of cameras; fixed and tilt cameras. Fixed cameras cover a fixed radius which is often in their direct view. They can be set to cover a specific angle during installation. You cannot adjust these kinds of camera to cover other risk areas once you install them. Tilting cameras, however, are flexible and can be tilted to face different directions.

The camera's design could also affect its flexibility. Some cameras are structured to cover a 360-degree radius while others cover 90 degrees. If your front yard is bigger, you may need a camera that covers 360 degrees. However, if your front door is positioned next to a corner, a one-directional camera will be efficient.

Zooming options

Sometimes a camera can be more useful to a neighbor or a stranger walking on the street than to you. Other times, an intruder may keep a safe distance, especially if they're surveying your home before attacking later. It's during such events when you need a camera with great zooming options. Just like ordinary cameras, security cameras give you the ability to zoom in and out, when reviewing footage. Some possess high zooming power while others do not.

Ease of use and installation

A security camera's user interface has become an important feature, especially for modern homeowners. Traditionally, people had to do a lot of drilling on the walls to install cameras. In addition, they set aside a room with large monitors where they would review footage. Today, all this has changed. Security camera monitors are downloadable apps on your phone. When selecting a camera, ensure it's compatible with your phone's operating system to avoid inconveniences. Moreover, look for cameras with extra features such as notifications/security alerts and ringing (for ring doorbell cameras). Also, consider the installation process. Some cameras require a bit of handy work while wireless cameras can be placed on top of the door or on top of the doorbells. Wireless cameras can also be synced with smart devices effortlessly thus making your work easier.


Audio is a vital part of security. You definitely want to hear what intruders are saying when you're not around. In addition, you may want to communicate with people standing outside your front door. Some cameras allow back and forth communication, whereby you talk to a guest while inside the house or away (at work) and the guest responds. Other cameras will simply capture audio while recording the footage.

In summary, consider your needs when buying a front door security camera. Do you want to keep unwanted guests at bay, be in the know of everything that happens when you're away or scare away burglars with a 'talking doorbell'? Fortunately, there are so many options in the market. Just take your time and select a camera that suits your budget and caters to your needs.

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