Best Dummy CCTV Cameras (Reviews) - 2020 Buying Guide

Create the illusion of increased home and office security with fake security cameras that look like real CCTV.

CCTV cameras are a critical tool for home security. Most homeowners opt to install these devices as a way of keeping off intruders. If you live in areas with rampant insecurity where cases of burglary, petty theft, and an unauthorized passage are common, surveillance cameras can be of great help.

The issue though, is that a typical security camera can be quite expensive indeed. It's the reason some people opt for dummy CCTV cameras.

What Are Dummy Security Cameras?

These are basically fake non-functional gadgets, designed to look like real security cameras. They are built with unique features to hoodwink people, who then assume they are true cameras. These fake devices are used to keep off thieves, and any unauthorized persons from accessing certain areas, especially homes.

Common Features of Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy surveillance CCTV cameras come in various forms depending on the brand, use, and budget. Some of them are simply designed out of the real, but old, broken cameras.

Others can, in fact, be motion sensors which are disguised as real security cameras; while some are just but empty cameras housings, accessorized to like cameras. Most of them feature flashing LED lights. Shapes and colors are also predominant features. For example, you can get those that appear in a dome-like a shape, and colors which are similar to true security cameras. They are often installed in areas conspicuous enough for intruders to recognize.

Advantages of Dummy CCTV Cameras

These devices come with a number of advantages. For example;

  • They act as perfect deterrents to keep off intruders.
  • They are quite easy to install, as most of them do not need any wiring at all.
  • They come with features such as shapes, colors which can easily fool an untrained eye
  • They are cheap, hence affordable for most people.


  • These fake cameras can only fool some people and not all people. Some really experienced burglars can quickly notice that they are in fact fake, and then simply break-in.
  • Again, they remain ineffective, especially if there is an actual break-in into your home, as they cannot record anything to be used as evidence at all.
  • They can only be used in areas where theft and burglary are on a lesser scale. Basically, they can only be used to fool those inexperienced thieves and trespassers.

Available Options

There are many options on the market for simulated dummy security cameras. Varieties depend on key features such as colors, shapes, prices and even areas of installation. For example, you can select from the following:

  • Outdoor, and indoor, fake dummy cameras which are quite versatile, and can be used either outside or inside your home to keep off intruders. They usually come with simple batteries to keep the flashing LED lights working throughout.
  • Dummy Dome Fake security cameras which are designed to look similar to the true dome-shaped security cameras.
  • You can also choose from those ones which feature powerful LED flashing lights to warn and keep off unauthorized persons from your property. They are usually a true modification from a real surveillance camera, quite affordable, and easy to install.
  • The solar-powered fake dummy security cameras can also come in handy. Most of them are in fact waterproof, and so can withstand any elements if you install them outdoors. They come with rechargeable batteries which can be charged with a solar panel.


Dummy CCTV cameras can be quite useful for keeping away petty thieves from your home. The best thing is that most of them are inexpensive, and also easy to install. You do not need to do any kind of wiring for your device to start working. You can easily install on your wall or bedroom without a need for extra help.

If you wish, you can even combine them with real ones, placing them at strategic spots, to reinforce security. For instance, you can place dummy cameras in those areas which are easily accessible, while the real ones can be hidden.

The hidden ones efficiently record all that is going on; while, the conspicuous ones can fool people to simply keep off. However, it all depends on your budget. If you are constrained, these fake ones can still serve a greater purpose.

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