Best Battery Powered Security Cameras (Reviews) - 2020 Buying Guide

Take the hassle out of installing security cameras with conveninent battery powered, wireless models.

Battery powered CCTV cameras are starting to carve out space for themselves in the security industry. It was not too long ago when wired cameras ruled the industry and were probably enjoying some level of monopoly. Now, however, times are changing, technological advancement has crept into the security industry and more people are beginning to appreciate the need for cameras with fewer wires.

Certainly, people with little technological know-how, who aren't used to working with wires are easily swept off their feet by the thought of having a security camera that operates totally wire-free, has a prolonged battery life and quality 1080p video.

What is a wireless battery CCTV?

Battery powered security cameras and wireless battery CCTV are the same thing so don't get it confused. They are simply security cameras powered by batteries. Unlike what we had a few years back, these cameras do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet before they can function. A battery compartment is designed to power the system for a few weeks of footage recording and surveillance.

Advantages of Battery Powered Security Cameras

1. Simple Installation

There is probably the biggest and most important advantage of battery powered security CCTV cameras. They are very easy to install, even a novice wouldn't have a hard time mounting one because they do not need to be connected to anything. All of the camera's electrical needs are taken care of by the attached battery compartment. Most importantly, you get to save money you should have spent on its installation.

2. Portability

Wireless security cameras are a lot more portable than their wired counterparts. They can be mounted in places where an ordinary security camera wouldn't even fit into. You don't have to worry about running wires to your security camera mounted in a place where there are no electrical outlets. Just mount your camera where you want it to be and view video recordings on a tablet or computer through an app.

Also, thieves and vandals cannot tamper with your outdoor security camera because there are no wires connected to it in the first place.

3. Budget-Friendly

Most battery-powered security cameras have very low initial costs. The cost only rises when maintenance costs begin to mount.

Disadvantages of Wireless Security Cameras

1. Battery-Life

As long as your security camera is powered by a battery, there is always going to be a chance that the system may turn off when you need it the most. However, you can prepare for this draw-back by ensuring that you always have fresh batteries in all of your surveillance cameras. Having an extra battery will also do the trick so you can make a switch when there is a need to.

2. Internet Dependent

A large number of security cameras lack the ability to record footage without the internet. This is a huge disadvantage because your security camera can be tampered with by simply cutting off your internet. Also, a slow internet connection will lead to fluctuating video recordings. Having too many cameras loaded on the same internet source will choke it and slow down the network connection speed. Unless you find a wireless CCTV camera that is not internet dependent, then you will need to find a way to deal with situations such as these.

Main Features of Wireless Security Cameras

While features may vary from brand to brand, these features are common to most battery powered security CCTV cameras out there.

1. A video resolution of 720p or 1080p

These are the industry standard video quality and you are likely to find most wireless surveillance cameras displaying at these ranges.

2. Battery Back up

This is the major feature of a Battery-powered security camera. Each unit should come with a power pack that will last for a few weeks at least.

3. A two-way audio system

The very best of wireless security cameras have a two-way audio system. This gives crisp audio quality to go along with a quality video recording.

4. WI-FI

A wide wi-fi connection range that allows you to check footage from your tablet, desktop or laptop computer via the camera's app from various locations.

Places To Use a Battery Powered Security Camera

Wireless security cameras can be used both outdoors and indoors. Before you place the camera outside, make sure that it is designed to withstand the elements. If it isn't designed in such a manner, then you need to find a protective cover for the camera.

Also, when placing the wireless security camera outside of your home or office, make sure that it's in a place where it can capture all vital areas. Your personal preference would also be a determining factor. However, make sure that you install them as high up as you possibly can to keep it safe from thieves and vandals.

What Do You Need?

Battery powered security cameras are here to stay, but when do you need them?

For example, using wireless surveillance cameras indoors makes sense. You can use them in closets or rooms where people are rarely found. They are excellent surveillance tools if you wish to keep tabs on your child, to find out when he or she comes back home from school and other parenting responsibilities (sneaky but necessary sometimes). Basically, a wire-free surveillance camera will be a perfect option if all you want to do is to make occasional check ins.

However, problems will arise if you decide to use a battery-powered security camera in a security centered environment like a court room. This is because they do not have the capacity to show the whole event and they have sessions where they can't record (refractory periods). Also, wireless security cameras have maximum clip duration which is a feature that might omit vital scenarios that a court might need.

Another challenge is that wireless surveillance cameras allow for footage to be complete deleted-a situation that leaves room for video evidences to be tampered with or completely deleted.

So if you are not dealing with sensitive situations like the ones you find in places like court rooms, then you can go ahead to buy as many Battery-Powered powered wireless cameras as you can handle.

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