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ASG CCTV Products DVRs Cameras \ CCTV Special Offers \ CCTV KIT 201
Ref:     KIT201
Price:  £449.99

Real-Time Recording in CIF Mode
Built-in Remote Monitoring
Triplex - Record, Play & Remote Access!
4x 3.6mm Colour Domes
H264 Compression Technology
Optional DVD Writer

Great to use internally for homes and small businesses

Kit includes:

1 x 4-Ch DVR365 Compact, 500GB HDD, Client Software. Internal DVD writer available for only an extra £49 (DVD200)

4 x Colour Domes with 1/3" Colour Sony CCD, 3.6mm lens, 420TVL, 0.5 Lux, 12V DC  Spec

Plus all the accessories you need to complete the installation:

4x Plug in PSUs, connection cables, phono-bnc convertors, 10m video lead, cable clips, Data Protection Compliance kit including 4 external CCTV warning signs and 5 stickers with unique serial number ID and entry onto the WhoIsWatchingMe database.


Remote viewing software inlcuded

Remote viewing via smart phone

* For compatible phone models, please see the alienDVR web site: www.aliendvr.com