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Alien 608 DVR
Ref:     Alien608
Price:  £769.99

Realtime recording - all channels
Mobile phone connection included!
DVD - backup
HD capacity up to 16-Terabytes!
Fastest Network connection available
2 Way Audio
Evidence back up to multi-standard DVD
D1 resolution recording
NAS - Network and local HD storage

High-end DVR aimed at installations requiring more than is currently available from other DVR manufacturers.


Perfect for retail chains, secure installations and very high end domestics.

Up to D1 Resolution

alienULTRA can record at 12 FPS on all channels in D1 resolution.

Email Notification of an Alarm Event

Be alerted of a visitor or an intruder at home when you're at work, from your business when you're not there or wherever you are in the world! The DVR sends 3 emails. With JPEG attachments showing the "activated" CCTV camera image taken before, during and after the event occurs.

Control Devices Remotely

Using the CCTV Window software, you can remotely control up to 4 relays from anywhere in the world. Floodlights, electric gates, a bell box or a sounder can be switched on and off using this superb feature.

Electronic Mapping

eMaps can be embedded into the superb CCTV Window software to enable the user an easy way to select and see images from a camera in a simple & intuitive graphical user interface.

Remote Data Store

In addition to its own massive storage of up to 16Tb, the ULTRA can also stream CCTV recordings to a networked PC or server for additional back up away from the DVR itself.

Auto Time Synch

Configure the DVRs time and date regularly updated via a networked PC. On installations with multiple DVRs all the DVRs can be automatically updated so that they are all in sync with each other.

* For compatible phone models, please see the alienDVR web site: www.aliendvr.com