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ASG EPOS Systems \ Paper Rolls \ 44x70 Paper Rolls
44x70 Paper Rolls
Ref:     44x70paper
Price:  £12.59

Box of 40 44mm x 70mm Paper Rolls

Suitable for many Cash Registers



Compatible with the following

Casio 2104ER Casio 2202ER Casio 2204ER Casio 2302ER Casio 2304ER Casio 2402ER Casio 2404ER Casio 2408ER Casio 3204ER Casio 3205ER Casio 3207ER Casio 3400ER Casio 3404ER Casio 3408ER Casio 3504ER Casio 3508ER Casio 4100SR Casio 4200SR Casio 4420ER Casio 4430ER Casio 6118ER Casio 6130ER Casio 8100ER Casio CE2100 Casio CE2104 Casio CE2200 Casio CE2204 Casio CE2208 Casio CE2300 Casio CE2410 Casio CE2600 Casio CE3100 Casio CE3110 Casio CE3400 Casio CE3410 Casio CE3500 Casio CE3515 Casio CE3630 Casio CE3700 Casio CE3800 Casio CE3830 Casio CE4000 Casio CE4100 Casio CE4105 Casio CE4110 Casio CE4115 Casio CE4200 Casio CE4250 Casio CE4500 Casio CE4515 Casio CE4530 Casio CE4600 Casio CE4615 Casio CE4700 Casio CE6000 Casio CE6100 Casio CE7000 Casio SA2000 Casio SA1000 Casio SA3000 Casio TK-1000 Casio TK-1100 Casio TK-1200 Casio TK-1300 Casio TK-2200 Casio TK-2300 Casio TK-2600 Casio TK-2700 Casio TK-3100 Casio TK-6000 Casio TK-6500 Casio TK-6700 Casio TK-700 Casio TK-7000 Casio TK-710 Casio TK-7500 Casio TK-2100 Casio TK-2500 Casio TK-3200

Geller 604 Geller 804 Geller ET-6600 Geller EX-300 Geller FX-400 Geller MP2 Geller MP3 Geller NT-2108 Geller NT-2324 Geller NT-3412 Geller NT-604

Aster FR4000 Aster GA318 Aster GA329 Aster GA330 Aster GA715 Aster GA911 Aster GA705 Aster GA716 Aster GA919

Samsung ER-4615 Samsung ER-5100 Samsung ER-5115 Samsung ER-5140 Samsung ER-8000 Samsung SER-6540mk11 Samsung ER-4800 Samsung ER-4900 Samsung ER-4915 Samsung ER-4940 Samsung ER-3715 Samsung ER-4100 Samsung ER-4715 Samsung ER1710 Samsung ER1805 Samsung ER1810 Samsung ER-2615 Samsung ER2100 Samsung ER2610 Samsung ER3540 Samsung ER3615 Samsung ER4615 Samsung ER4640 Samsung ER-2710 Samsung ER-2715 Samsung ER-6500 Samsung ERP-300 Samsung ERP-400 Samsung Ser-6500 MK11

Sharp ER-A310 Sharp ER-1910 Sharp ER-1911 Sharp ER-1911S Sharp ER-1920 Sharp ER-1921 Sharp ER-2905 Sharp ER-3100 Sharp ER-3110 Sharp ER-3115 Sharp ER-4100 Sharp ER-4110 Sharp ER-A330 Sharp ERA-470 Sharp ERA-610 Sharp ER-1970 Sharp ER-A440 Sharp ER-A570 Sharp ER1875 Sharp ER1979 Sharp ER2370 Sharp ER2371 Sharp ER2908 Sharp ER2910 Sharp ER3600 Sharp ER3630 Sharp ER3640 Sharp ER4700 Sharp ER4710

Omron RS14 Omron RS12 Omron RS16 Omron RS24 Omron RS4510 Omron RS4541 Omron RS55 Omron RS5510 Omron RS5541 Omron RS5550 Omron RS5560 Omron RS70 Omron RS85 Omron RS2010 Omron RS5540 Omron RS12-20

TEC MA1400 TEC MA1600 TEC MA1700 TEC MA1900 TEC 2300 TEC MA45R TEC MA516 TEC MA1040 TEC MA1100 TEC MA1190 TEC MA1350 TEC MA1450 TEC MA1600

Uniwell LX 5600 Uniwell NX 5400 Uniwell U100 Uniwell U700 Uniwell UX50 Uniwell UX60 Uniwell SX6600 JCM Gold 4800 Uniwell EX 560 Uniwell PX 6600

Sanyo ECR360 Sanyo ECR365 Sanyo ECR375 Sanyo ECR460 Sanyo ECR500 Sanyo ECR550 Sanyo ECR570 Sanyo ECR600 Sanyo ECR6400 Sanyo ECR6410 Sanyo ECR6410 Sanyo ECR650 Sanyo ECR7000 Sanyo 7100

JCM Gold 100 JCM Gold 101 JCM Gold 108 JCM Gold 221L JCM Gold 330 JCM Gold 381 JCM Gold 382 JCM Gold 3800 JCM Gold 3815 JCM Gold G223 JCM Gold G225

Sweda 2810 Sweda 450 Sweda L25 Sweda L2810

Toshiba FS-1450 Toshiba FS-1650 Toshiba MA-516 Toshiba MA-1650 Toshiba MA-1670

Sanyo ER-4640 Sanyo ER-4800 Sanyo ER-4900 Sanyo ER-4915 Sanyo ER-4940 Sanyo ER-5100 Sanyo ER-5115 Sanyo ER-5140